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Execoin Stealth addresses released!

Execoin has released first open-source Electrum wallet with stealth addresses technology! After months of intensive development, the Execoin team has released its own open-source implementation of stealth addresses technology based on the Electrum-EXE wallet (http://electrum-exe.org/stealth). Unlike proprietary closed-source stealth payment solutions currently available on the market, the Electrum-EXE code can be audited in order to make sure that there are no security vulnerabilities or intentional backdoors . Integration of Electrum wallet and stealth payments provides unique features and offers more security, reliability, and convenience for payment transactions.

Execoin Whitepaper

Execoin official whitepaper explaining key strengths of Execoin, recent updates, development strategy and future plans is now available for public download.

June 28, 2014

An article uncovering Execoin's own implementation of Stealth addresses and future plans has been published at cryptocoinchronicle.com

June 17, 2014

Electrum-EXE Lightweight SPV Wallet for Execoin (beta) is now available

May 18, 2014

Execoin has been added to xnigma exchange.

May 17, 2014

exemerged.poolz.net - First triple EXE/MON/PLX non-p2p merged mining pool has been launched! Rocket up your mining revenues!

May 16, 2014

Dedicated website for Exelite (Execoin's Lite Wallet) has been launched at www.exelite.org

Also, new version of Exelite with Windows, Mac OS and Linux installers is now available! Even faster wallet! Please update if you're using Exelite!

May 08, 2014

Execoin is now accepted by a number of stores/services as a payment method!

premiumgiftcards.com : offers Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Rdio, DeviantArt Premium, LastPass and Backblaze; Steam, XBox, Playstation and Origin codes!
healthiverse.net : Nootropics products.
serverbros.co.uk : VPS server and hosting provider.
retrotowers.co.uk : Retro game consoles accessories and parts.
vps4.me : VPS and hosting provider.
briehost.com : VPS and hosting provider.

Some listed merchants offer discounts for EXE purchases!

May 06, 2014

Execoin has been added to Coinpayments.net!
Coinpayments is a popular merchant platform allowing online stores to add EXE as a method of payment easily! In addition, coinpayments.net has a large storefront attached to it.

May 06, 2014

Execoin is now traded on FIAT exchange! Direct EXE to USD trading (Visa / MC deposits available, PayPal withdrawals and many other options) and EXE to BTC trading.

May 05, 2014

New pool allowing Execoin + parallax merged mining is now available.

Important! Execoin has been restarted from block 307770, bugs are fixed

Please update your wallets (important!) and resync. The hardfork features the following changes:

KGW has been replaced by DGW v3. Solves Time Warp Vulnerability in KGW. In addition, DGW is much more responsive (mitigates multipool issues better) and up to 50 times faster (this is important for non-C++ SPV clients in Java and Python language).

New reward system: Base reward reduced to 20 coins per block. This reward then reduced gradually by 2.5% every week.

Update: ExecoinJ Java library has been updated to reflect changes in hardfork (DGW v3).

What is Execoin?

Execoin is a fast ASIC-resistant crypto currency featuring first open-source Electrum wallet with stealth addresses technology. Execoin offers its own open-source implementation of stealth addresses technology based on the Electrum-EXE wallet (http://electrum-exe.org/stealth/). Unlike proprietary closed-source stealth payment solutions currently available on the market, the Electrum-EXE code can be audited in order to make sure that there are no security vulnerabilities or intentional backdoors. Integration of Electrum wallet and stealth payments provides unique features and offers more security, reliability, and convenience for payment transactions. Electrum-EXE wallet now heads the line of Execoin’s SPV wallets (Exelite and Android mobile wallet) and will be a base for a newer mobile Android wallet with stealth transactions support.

Learn more about Execoin and discover future development plans in our Official Whitepaper

Fast transactions

Execoin has been designed as a fast crypto currency. Why is this so important? Shorter block confirmation time means faster transaction confirmation for payments and transfers. This is a key factor for a coin that is intended to be used as an everyday payment method. Execoin’s transactions are blazing fast compared to other N-scrypt coins, no more annoying delays.

Fast block time and progressive ASIC resistance are strengths of Execoin

Scrypt ASIC resistance

Execoin represents a new generation of cryptocurrencies that prioritizes independence from ASIC miners. Its Progressive-N algorithm progressively and proactively increases memory usage over time, to stay firmly ahead of future ASIC models.

Why is the new generation of coins like Execoin in such high demand now? Why is it a wise investment choice? Well, consider the following scenario. When scrypt-specific ASICs become more readily available, they will quickly make GPU mining unprofitable and even pointless. This process has already occurred with Bitcoin, and gave rise to the massive success of Litecoin and other scrypt coins. Now, as scrypt ASICs proliferate, the huge computational power of existing GPU mining rigs will seek alternatives. This alternative is Execoin, with its strong ASIC-proof algorithm and multitude of improvements over current scrypt-based coins.

Why is Execoin more ASIC resistant than other scrypt-N coins? Execoin’s N-factor schedule changes in a more aggressive manner than other N-scrypt coins, for better resistance to advanced ASICs. In the very unlikely event of the release of an ASIC that is compatible with the current version of the Execoin PoW algorithm, we will definitely change the entire algorithm.

Privacy: stealth transactions and Electrum wallet are better together.

What are stealth payments? “Stealth payments” is a technique that protects the privacy of a recipient involved in a transaction. It allows one to accept coins using a public coin address while preventing anyone else from knowing your transaction history. When you receive some coins without using stealth technology all transaction information is open to the public, and everyone can track it in the blockchain. With stealth technology this information is securely protected with a key so that only the person involved in the transaction can view and track it. The Secret key allowing one to see the transaction is not stored on a server. That’s why it is reliable and truly secure. The only information that can be seen in the blockchain without the secret key is the time and amount sent, all other recipients’ details are cloaked.

Execoin’s stealth technology is unique because it is integrated with the new Electrum-EXE wallet to add even more reliability, security and convenience to stealth payments. In addition, Execoin’s Electrum-EXE is the first open-source fully functional wallet with stealth addresses support. While security of using proprietary closed-source stealth payments’ solutions may be questioned, open-source Electrum-EXE wallet with stealth addresses code can be audited anytime.

Execoin features first open-source Electrum wallet with stealth transactions technology

Why are stealth transactions even better with Electrum-EXE?

Improved reliability. It allows you to restore stealth addresses from a single mnemonic phrase that you can memorize or write on a piece of paper. If you make a mistake, you will never lose your data; your wallet and your coins are securely protected in a way that ordinary wallets simply cannot provide! And you don’t need to perform regular backups of your wallet data!

Amazing speed. Execoin is a fast coin and transactions are performed quickly. However, any wallet client needs a significant amount of time to sync with the blockchain. This time is far shorter for a lightweight wallet like Exelite but it still takes several minutes before it’s ready to use. With Electrum-EXE you can do stealth transactions immediately after launch, no more delays!

Freedom of access. You can access your wallet and make stealth transactions from any computer where Electrum-EXE is installed, since you can safely restore your wallet on any computer using your secret phrase without physically moving your data! This operation is absolutely secure; no private keys are stored on servers.

Highest security level. Electrum-EXE allows you to split your wallet into an offline “cold storage” wallet which contains your private keys and an online “view only” wallet that only contains your public keys. Your Execoins are absolutely protected by your private keys in the offline wallet on a separate computer that never connects to the Internet, and thus are not accessible for hackers’ attacks.

Safety Your private keys, including stealth ones are protected with a password and cannot be stolen! Your private keys are not shared with the server and a compromised server cannot compromise your wallet.

Mobile wallet possibilities. Electrum-EXE with Stealth can subsequently be run on Android devices with minimal development efforts, and a mobile wallet is already on the way!

What advantages does the Execoin stealth technology give to users and merchants?

Electrum-EXE with Stealth allows merchants to keep their privacy while still receiving EXE payments and coin transfers. In addition, it provides the highest level of security and protection from accidental data loss. It’s ready to use immediately after launch, so you don’t need to wait, and can perform stealth payments immediately. Merchants can easily add Execoin support to their payment systems using coinpayments.net or a one-click solution provided by C-CEX. Together with Execoin’s fast transactions, this makes EXE a perfect payment tool for everyday transactions.


  • Fast transactions
  • Scrypt-ASIC resistance
  • Privacy: first Electrum wallet with Stealth addresses support
  • First open-source wallet with stealth addresses
  • Variety of advanced wallets (Electrum-EXE, Exelite Java wallet, Android wallet)
  • DNS node seeder client functionality integrated into the wallet to ensure a stable connection - no need to enter nodes manually
  • Lower power usage compared to normal scrypt algorithm

Technical data

  • Algorithm: Scrypt-Progressive-N with optimized schedule (technical name: scrypt Salsa20/8(N, 1, 1), PBKDF2(SHA2))
  • Symbol: EXE
  • Max Coins: 26'140'450 EXE
  • Block time: 45 seconds
  • Subsidy: starting from block 307770, decreases every week by 2.5%
  • Difficulty Re-Target Time: Every block (Dark Gravity Well v.3)
  • Block Rewards: 20 coins per block, starting from block 307770, decreases every week by 2.5%
  • Premine: Absolutely no premine!

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